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SynWeb - advanced multi PHP, (X)HTML, WML, CSS, JS syntax highlighter for SynEdit/UniSynEdit and other tools

Lazarus Port:

Changelog for (Full list of changes since first release)

Changelog for v1.4 (SVN rev. 140) - Released: 2007-04-02 16:04
New FeatureNew Features
49 Added new simple XML highlighter.
57 Added support for PhpDoc tags (reported by migajek)
60 Added function to fill data in TSynCompletionProposal from SynWeb data
51 Rename TSynEdit -> TCustomSynEdit types (reported by Ruediger Kabbasch)
59 Added attribute for php methods - PhpMethodAttrib
53 Single quote string range in JS/ES was not saved after escape from php (reported by Michael Pham)
54 Special amp. characters now compared case-insensitive - ident. hashing reworked (reported by Chuen)
55 Numbers not recognized in special entity characters (reported by Chuen)
58 Fixed parsing unicode wide characters in asian versions of Windows (reported by Hiroshi Horie)
Additional informations
Info: Added to demo list of all invalid tokens

Changelog for (SVN)
New FeatureNew Features
43 Lazarus port at
61 Added new Smarty highligter (reported by Michael Pham)
64 Added new highlighter for PHP which works without <? ... ?> (reported by Michael Pham)
67 Added option AllowASPTags to allow ASP tags inside HTML/WML like <asp:button... (reported by Garnet)
69 Added Delphi 2009 support
73 Added HTML5 support (reported by Michael Pham)
75 Added TSynWebWordMarker paint plugin and new demo (reported by Antti Pikkarainen)
77 Added CSS3 support
62 Added support for highlighing matched tokens in php: if/else, for/endfor, etc (reported by Michael Pham)
65 Added demo showing how to used SynWeb with TSynMultiSyn
70 Multi-line quoted values in markup-languages
63 Some unicode identifiers recognized as symbol instead of identifier (reported by Michael Pham)
66 Attributes for undefined tags are now highlighted as valid - useful especially for ASP tag attributes (reported by Garnet)
76 Fixed handling slash in CSS shorthand font property (reported by Benedikt Loepp)

SynWeb features:
  • support for embedded:
    • PHP in CSS (.css), JS (.js), WML
  • support for ANSI and Unicode version of SynEdit
  • faster about 2-10 times than using TSynMultiSyn
  • full validation for tags (also checks for valid '/>' or '/') and its attributes for HTML across difference versions (for XHTML - case sensitive)
  • values in tags without quotation are also highlighted as ValueAttrib (only in HTML, in XHTML is highlighted as error because, XHTML doesn't allow for unquoted values)
  • support for WML 1.1/1.2/1.3
  • in CSS validation for tags (you can set also HTML version)
  • validation for special entity characters (eg. &amp;, &copy;)
  • almost FULL validation for CSS across CSS1 and CSS2.1
  • support for <script language="php"> as start tag for PHP (also <?, <?php, <?=, <%)
  • end tags for PHP doesn't stop in strings, comments (stops only in singleline), etc, you can now write "<?xml ... ?>" and PHP mode doesn't stop,
  • support for custom HEREDOC names (defined in TStringList, or any you type - comparing based on CRC8)
  • support for encapusled vars or escaped chars in strings (different highlighter attrib) with error checking
  • any word in PHP (but not keyword or function name) written in UpperCase highlighted as ConstantAttrib
  • ActiveHighlighterSwitch - see demo (check 'Active HL' in demo app)
  • parsed source code of php to get built-in function names (for php4 and php5+PECL)
  • any many more.
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